About Us


Creating beauty since 1986

Laboratorios M&N Ltda. was born from the dream of Martha Neira at 1986, when her professional life begun in the cosmetic sector as a Pharmaceutical chemist recently graduated from the National University of Colombia. After that she had the chance to be in charge of the Laboratory of Pharmaco-technics where her passion for investigation and development of personal care products came from.

Nowadays Laboratorios M&N Ltda. has a 100 people organization committed with its mission and advances towards the goal that allows its sustainability under ethical, social, environmental, technical, scientific and economical principles. The integrants are 100% compromised with the 4 pillars of its quality politics and the technical operative personnel is fully compromised with the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPc.).

Laboratorios M&N formalizes as a Ltda. company at the 3rd may of 1989 with 2 Pharmaceutical chemist colleagues initially at the backyard of Martha Neira’s mother’s house. After that in a house which was conditioned for the production of emulsions, lotions, make-ups, compact powder and lip balms due to the approval under resolution N° 88 from the Health Ministry and as manufacturer for third from the multinational Ebel ™ and the complete service, even from the development, of the “Advanced Research” brand with the well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Felipe Coiffman.

Sustainability and Technology

The company continues as member or the cosmetic chamber of the ANDI with a seat in the board of directors, in the Colombian Association of Cosmetic Science and Technology (ACCYTEC according to its Spanish acronym), in the International Federation of Science of Cosmetic Chemistry (IFSCC), in the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, among others with more than 30 national and international of manufacturer for third clients and more than 2000 direct and indirect customers of its own brands as: IN LINE PROFESSIONAL CABINA & SPA ®, IN LINE COLORS ®, INLINE ESSENCE ® DAYDREAM ®, BEGLOW® and MULTICEUTICALS ®.